Jed x octavius
Jedediah x Octavius Blank Space

another one for yall. Also this is my 2nd otp so ill have more videos of this pairing.

Pompeii Jed & Octavius

I started making this as a joke but turned into an actual video xD iiepwop ( )

Jedediah x Octavius Centuries

for my jedtavius fellas on tumblr ;)

Jed x octavius; starin at the knight

this pairing. Again. Sorrrrrryyy why this video is so random.-. Anyway, hope you like this c 72Op please - song kiss my lips dev dj kue remix pitched...

Jed x octavius; speaking tongues

idea copied from: sorry another shitty thing from me ;) i really love this ship, theyre so cute, and i cant not to...

Jedediah x Octavius: Give me a Reason

Another Jed x Octavius vid..... I may be a tiny bit obsessed at the momnet....

Jedediah & Octavius - Apologize

This is my new account, where Im planning to just post Night at the Museum videos, and you can request to me if you wish. (Old account efcgirl1234) Basic...

Jedediah vs Octavius - FINISH HIM! (ft. HetGamePortaal)

Wie staat na de battle als overwinnaar in de arena? De cowboy of de Romeinse keizer! Abonneer op Deze Plek Jedediah vs Octavius...

Jedediah x Octavius: Ever After

Jedediah x Octavius from Night at the museum. For my friend Tayla who said i make my ship vids to mushy you can take this a a Bromance or a Romantic...

Jedediah/Octavius - Boy Like You

XD I ship this so hard, and probably always will.:D Just messing around with Sony Vegas, trying out some new stuff... hopefully you guys like this! 8D.